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Zoto Sans Old South Arabian

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𐩧𐩣𐩳𐩡𐩺𐩻 𐩷𐩰𐩫𐩸𐩶𐩮 𐩴𐩱𐩥𐩢𐩭𐩵 𐩪𐩬𐩨𐩩𐩼𐩦 𐩹𐩯𐩠𐩲𐩤

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license: Apache | Reference sans font for the Old South Arabian script | glyphs: 36 | scripts: Old South Arabian

Zoto Sans Old South Arabian

Zoto Sans Old South Arabian is a design for the Old South Arabian script.

It contains 36 glyphs, and supports 37 characters from the Unicode blocks: Old South Arabian.

Supported writing systems

Old South Arabian

Old South Arabian (Musnad, Epigraphic South Arabian, Sayhadic) is a historical Middle Eastern abjad, written right-to-left. Was used in the 6th–8th centuries CE in today’s Yemen and throughout the Arabian peninsula for a group of related now-extinct Semitic languages. Evolved into Ethiopic script, was replaced by Arabic script. Read more on ScriptSource, Wikipedia, Unicode, Wiktionary.


Based on Noto by Google. Copyright 2011-2015 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved. Licensed under the Apache License v2.0.

Using this font

You may create your own fonts based on this font, and you may incorporate portions of this font into your own font. You may publish your own font under any license, including a commercial license, but you must:

  • in Font Info › Legal › Copyright, include Portions Copyright 2011-2015 Google Inc.
  • in Font Info › Legal › License, include Portions licensed under the Apache License v2.0.

Character map

𐩠 𐩡 𐩢 𐩣 𐩤 𐩥 𐩦 𐩧 𐩨 𐩩 𐩪 𐩫 𐩬 𐩭 𐩮 𐩯 𐩰 𐩱 𐩲 𐩳 𐩴 𐩵 𐩶 𐩷 𐩸 𐩹 𐩺 𐩻 𐩼 𐩿