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Zoto Sans Batak

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ᯓᯇᯆᯂᯠᯑ ᯗᯍᯝᯣᯖᯛ ᯅᯈᯎᯡᯃᯜ ᯀᯊᯄᯘᯤᯙ ᯔᯉᯥᯚᯁᯏ

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license: Apache | Reference sans font for the Batak script | glyphs: 61 | scripts: Batak

Zoto Sans Batak

Zoto Sans Batak is a design for the Batak script.

It contains 61 glyphs and 3 OpenType features, and supports 61 characters from the Unicode blocks: Batak.

Supported writing systems


Batak (ᯘᯮᯒᯖ᯲ ᯅᯖᯂ᯲) is a Southeast Asian abugida, written vertically and horizontally left-to-right. Used for the Toba, Karo, Dairi, Mandailing, Simalungun, and Angkola languages used on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Used since the 14th century, standardised in the 1850s. Revived recently after a decline since in the 20th century. Read more on ScriptSource, Wikipedia, Unicode, Wiktionary.


Based on Noto by Google. Copyright 2011-2015 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved. Licensed under the Apache License v2.0.

Using this font

You may create your own fonts based on this font, and you may incorporate portions of this font into your own font. You may publish your own font under any license, including a commercial license, but you must:

  • in Font Info › Legal › Copyright, include Portions Copyright 2011-2015 Google Inc.
  • in Font Info › Legal › License, include Portions licensed under the Apache License v2.0.

Character map

ᯀ ᯁ ᯂ ᯃ ᯄ ᯅ ᯆ ᯇ ᯈ ᯉ ᯊ ᯋ ᯌ ᯍ ᯎ ᯏ ᯐ ᯑ ᯒ ᯓ ᯔ ᯕ ᯖ ᯗ ᯘ ᯙ ᯚ ᯛ ᯜ ᯝ ᯞ ᯟ ᯠ ᯡ ᯢ ᯣ ᯤ ᯥ ᯦ ᯧ ᯨ ᯩ ᯪ ᯫ ᯬ ᯭ ᯮ ᯯ ᯰ ᯱ ᯲ ᯳ ᯼ ᯽ ᯾ ᯿